There is the world… and then there is the North.


Past the Great Forest of Guldan, further than the Swamps of Torment, farther still than the dales of the free cities of the north, there is the North. Most know of the North only through legends and stories told to them as children. “Beware the black night and the evil eye’s gaze, for it’s bearer is the North.” Is a saying with no speaker, and older (some say) than the gods themselves. “When men look to the world only the North looks back.” Is another.

Criers have spoke the world around that the mysterious Lord of Targos has offered a fortune to those who would take up arms against the wilds of the North. They speak of the adventure of a lifetime, found in settling a new point of light in the inky blackness of the frozen continent. Perhaps you believed this claim, or maybe it was simply a necessary pretext for your visit… but whether chasing legends, glory, or gold you have come to Targos by ship.

A ruin built on ruins, the beleaguered port city of Targos is the black pearl of the North, accessible only a few moons of the year and never with any guarantee of safety. In a dimly lit tavern, huddled for warmth, you share rumors, stories, and histories, comparing your knowledge against others. You know it, deep in your heart:
What you want is here… and to claim it you will need steel, fire, magic, and skill.

It is said that all who seek may find their answer in the North… but it is also said those who look to know the North shall know death itself and welcome him as friend before the end.

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Eyes of the North

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