The World of Agartha

It is said that long ago the Gods sought to know the true nature of the mortal soul (forever a mystery to the Divine) and so they dissected the soul of a single mortal. The result split the unity of the cosmos, which had until then been a series of perfect circles, into a series of motes which float upon a sea of stars.

Agartha (pronounced “agar-ta”) is one such mote, a comparatively young mote, sequestered far from Sigil (the city at the center of the cosmos), and nearly impossible to reach by outsiders. Agartha is known for its vibrancy, its beauty, its terrible secrets and its brutal, awe inspiring violence. It is a world of adventure and legend, of struggle, tragedy and triumph.


History of Agartha
Nations and Empires of Agartha
Religions of Agartha
Planes and the Astral Sea

The World of Agartha

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