Regions and Nations

Regions of Agartha

The material mote known as Agartha is broken up into three major continents, The Central Continent, The Western Dominion and The North. The Central Continent is by far the largest and most heavily populated of the continents, and hosts several nations. The continent is rivaled by the Western Dominion, a series of islands both large and small, which are the sole property of the Dragon Empire. The North is a desolate wasteland, considered haunted and unlivable by all but the most foolhardy or resolute, and is home only to a series of barbarian tribes and militaristic city states.

It is said there were other continents, the mysterious homeland of the Dwarves and the Steammages of old was said to lie far to the east. There is supposedly a desert continent to the far south which is said to be home to the Eytari, powerful immortal wizards who rule empires of slaves from tall pyramids. Far to the West, further than even the reach of the Dragon Emperor, is said to lie the island birthplace of the Eladrin, who still slumber in eternal beauty.

Nations of Agarth

There are myriad kingdoms and nations in Agartha, and due to the current decline in the empires of the mortal races it is impossible to catalog all but the most large and powerful.

The Dragon Empire

Alignment: LN
Capital: Deng Shao (Metropolis)
Notable Settlements: Dongun Hold (Small City)
Ruler: Eternal Emperor Yǒnghéng Zhī Lóng Dì
Government: Bureaucratic Empire headed by Semi-Divine Emperor
Languages: Imperial, Draconic
Religion: The Imperial Pantheon, (Ashara, Shiangdi, Lietzhu, Boethia)

The Dragon Empire is the longest continuous empire in the known world. It was supposedly founded by a Dragon God forced to retreat during the War of Dreams and Legends, who sacrificed himself in order to birth a divine dynasty of dragon blooded human emperors. The current emperor has lived for over seven hundred years, and is said to disappear from his shrouded palace from time to time to walk the lands as a simple traveler. The current emperor has no living heirs, and appears to be unable (or unwilling) to produce more, rumors that even the emperors divine lifespan cannot sustain him much longer have been the source of much intrigue and instability within the Empire. Today most of the empires resources are spent maintaining control of rebellious mainland colonies on the Central Continent, or else spent on esoteric quests at the direct order of the emperor, which send his subjects far and wide. Generally the Dragon Empire is known as a harmonious society made up of various castes, where order, honor and discipline are valued more than goodness, which is seen as reckless and without focus by the Empire’s peoples. The peoples of the Dragon Empire are trained quite differently than those from the central continent, more information can be found here: Classes of the Dragon Empire.

The Northern Tribunal

Alignment: CN
Capital: Targos (Large Town)
Notable Settlements: Coldwheat (Small Town), Easthaven (Small Town)
Ruler: Tribunal of Leaders from the Towns of the North
Government: Loose confederation of City-States
Languages: Central
Religion: The Common Pantheon (especially Talos and Selune), The Cult of Auril

The Northern Tribunal is the only thing resembling a government in the north. It is a gathering of leaders from the scattered towns of the North who gather together once a year to discuss threats to their peoples and to plead for aid and supplies from their neighbors. The Lord of Targos as the ruler of the most prosperous town is nominally the head of the tribunal and most of the aid requested comes from Targos. In exchange the mysterious lord often requests huge sums of gold or else artifacts and magic relics from the Lost Empire.

The Irresolute Kingdom of High Borathis

Alignment: N
Capital: Borathis (Large City)
Notable Settlements: Highwater (Large Town), Scepterguard Tower (Small Town)
Ruler: Officially the child queen, Aryin Monarith, Unofficially the Council of Thirteen of The Arcanis Eternis
Government: Decaying Monarchy, closely monitored and controlled by The Arcanis Eternis
Languages: Central
Religion: The Common Pantheon (especially Nethys and Chauntea), Cult of the Martyred Goddess.

The Irresolute Kingdom of High Borathis was once the most glorious and storied human kingdom in all of the Central Continent, famous for it’s glorious cathedrals and massive armies of mounted knights in shining full plate armor. Today Borathis is as much a relic as the holy artifacts which litter the abandoned temples to Iomedae, the martyred goddess. Once the center of the Church of Imoedae’s power, after her defeat at the hands of Shiangdi, (whom she challenged to an honor duel), the Irresolute Kingdom has fallen into an advanced state of decay, from which many believe there is no return. After the suicide of her father, King Hayden, Aryin Monarith was forced to take up the throne at the age of six. Though aided by a highly skilled group of advisers and regents, many doubt whether Aryin controls the country at all. In fact, much of the kingdom has come under the secretive control of The Arcanis Eternis and the Council of Thirteen who rule from Scepterguard Tower.

Regions and Nations

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